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Monza set to give beleaguered Ferrari more pain as Mercedes dominate

Ferrari, still licking their wounds from a bruising Belgian Grand Prix, must go another round in Italy this weekend. Monza was the scene of a roaring, glorious, celebratory affair last

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Substances with anti-cancer action are identified in Brazilian red propolis

Brazilian red propolis found in beehives along the coast and mangroves in the Northeast region contains two substances with anti-cancer properties. In laboratory tests, they considerably reduced the proliferation of

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Australia’s AMP hires Symmetra to review workplace behavior

Australian financial advisory firm AMP Ltd AMP.AX said on Thursday it had appointed inclusion and diversity consultancy Symmetra to undertake a workplace conduct review after the company was hit by

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The discovery of rust on the lunar surface has scientists baffled

The Moon is littered with iron-rich rocks, and even though trace amounts of water ice were discovered near the poles, conditions there are not ideal for forming rust. A crucial

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Backlash in Pakistan as police appear to blame woman for gang rape

The gang-rape of a woman in front of her children after her car broke down on a motorway has prompted outrage and protests in Pakistan, with anger further fuelled by

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