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Kansas City mayor defends allowing fans to attend Chiefs games

The Chiefs kick off the 2020 NFL season tonight, and they’ll do so in front of around 17,000 fans at Arrowhead Stadium. That may sound alarming to some amidst the

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Scientists decipher role of a stress response gene

Scientists have long known that chronic stress experienced early in life, or even chronic prenatal exposure to maternal stress hormones in the womb, can shorten lifespan and contribute to age-related

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Reform hopes rise as China focuses on inward economic shift

Chinese reform advocates are hoping President Xi Jinping’s proposed new economic model, expected to be the centrepiece of a key conclave next month, is an opportunity to quicken changes to

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Is this Doom running on a pregnancy test kit?

It’s long been said that if it’s got a display, it can run Doom. The list of devices hacked to play id Software’s granddaddy of all FPS games is extensive,

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Ex-Salvadoran colonel jailed for 1989 murder of Spanish Jesuits

A former Salvadoran army colonel who served as a government security minister has been sentenced to 133 years in prison after being found guilty of the murder of five Spanish

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