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Giants head coach Joe Judge made his players happy by diving into the mud to take part in a drill at practice, but some of his other methods have led to some criticism from outside the organization.

Judge made players and coaches run after mistakes during training camp, but shrugged off those who thought the first-year head coach erred by taking that approach. On Thursday, Judge found another way to let his players know he wasn’t happy about how things were going at practice.

After the team had been working for about 25 minutes, Judge gathered the players together and aired them out with what Jordan Raanan of ESPN.com called a “profanity-laced tirade.” He then started practice over again by having players go back to stretching as if practice was just getting underway. Running back Saquon Barkley was fond of Judge’s decision.

“I love it,” Barkley said. “That is something we knew we were going to focus on. Everything we do is going to have purpose behind it. Coach didn’t like how we started off. We kind of started over, and as captains and as leaders, we had to step up to the challenge. I think we responded. The thing is on Monday there won’t be any restarts. We have to find that way to have that energy and have that purpose from the beginning. We shouldn’t take a restart for that to happen.”

The Giants host the Steelers on Monday in what will be the first look at how Judge’s methods translate to game action.